18 September 2013

superest crawl

"A city is a place where there is no need to wait for next week to get the answer to a question, to taste the food of any country, to find new voices to listen to, and familiar ones to listen again."
- Margaret Mead
Hamilton is no exception. Supercrawl showcases the best of what the heart of our downtown core has to offer: delicious diverse food, groovy music, bonnie boutiques, and of course, the amazing artistic talent.
James Street was a sea of smiles this weekend as residents, visitors, friends and family all gathered together to enjoy the yearly street festival promoting our city's art culture. In its fifth year, Supercrawl has come a long way. The popularity of this festival has skyrocketed with numbers reaching over 100,000 attendees this year. We were so thrilled to be a part of Supercrawl over the weekend. There was an undeniable feeling of excitement and energy as Hamiltonians and visitors strolled the streets.
Here's a look at Supercrawl through our eyes:
photo: Kristin Archer for I Heart Hamilton
On the Friday night in the Tivoli Supermarket, we found it very fitting to have Lester Coloma's mural of the White Rabbit riding the Mock Turtle as a backdrop to our Alice in Wonderland-inspired shop. Whilst we were doing our dizzy dance (mostly to keep warm, but also because we were too excited...but mostly for warmth!), an artist was creating another Tivoli mural on the roof directly above us. What a magical feeling it was knowing that a talented painter was up above the world we fly like a teatray in the sky...
Although it was a dark and frigid Friday evening, these bright young things warmed up the night with their glowing smiles, starry eyes, and contagious giggles. It wasn't a surprise that these kindred spirits both fancied the "Madame Butterfly" compact, but alas, only one could claim it.

This darling lass bought our Robin Egg blue clutch wallet. We loved hearing of her creative plans to use this piece for her knitting supplies. The curious sizes and shapes of the inside pockets were the perfect fit for her knitting needles and notions.

As the sun shone on Saturday, our talking flowers were chatting the day away. Everyone was worth talking to...
...the skies were a clear blue...
...and if it's always tea time, it's always cupcake time too!
These "his and hers" vintage cornflower ashtrays found homes with a Mad Men maiden and her main squeeze. Not to mention the cutest cameo screw-ons and the Swedish Sea-Dog safety strikers which also went to pleasant passerby.
 This charming gal was a pleasure to finally meet. Her kind words and outright enthusiasm were refreshing and genuine. She had us howling when she skipped up to us shouting, "It's me! I'm Cordelia Shmelia!!" We feel so fortunate to have met such friendly faces this weekend!
Our "Mad Tea Party" bracelet went to this doll. This is the quirkiest bracelet (and the most fitting for it's name) with charms of teapots, teaspoons, tea cups and saucers. Surely a marvellous madness will follow you everywhere when wearing such a piece!
The Queen of Confections herself, bought our "Let Them Eat Cake" 1950's cake stand. She is a passionate baker and blogger for Pastel Macaron. We obviously share the same sentiment: delicious dainty desserts such as her magnificent macarons, deserve an exquisite resting place...until they are devoured of course!
photo: Susie from Pastel Macaron
dizzy alice knows only too well how hard this vivacious vixen will rock this purse of yesteryear's glamour. The golden trimmings and tassels of this vintage treasure will forever be in dizzy's memory.
We were practically doing cartwheels when this cutie bought our "cartwheel" hat. She was considering this hat, but when she found out we were an "Alice in Wonderland" inspired shop, she just had to have it! She felt it was a fabulous addition to her vintage hat collection. Oh, how we adore discovering other Alice aficionados.  
This beautiful brunette browsed our back-in-time collection and bought herself a pair of pearl-beaded earrings. No doubt she will be the belle of the ball!
Our fellow friend and cameo-connoisseur found comfort in two of our prized portraits. The cameo pendant necklace and scarf clip are a match made in jewellery heaven!
  If Alice was written in the 1980's, she would be toe-tapping in these vibrant watercolour pumps. This elementary school teacher's funky style is always admired by her students. We know her kids will get a "kick" out of these spirited stilettos!
A sense of overwhelming nostalgia came over this lovely lady as it so often does when one tries on a cameo. It reminded her of her mother and the rare cameos she used to wear.
A dizzy adieu must be given to these other poetic pieces:

We're still reeling from the wonderful weekend. Seeing friendly familiar faces and meeting new ones was more than us girls could ask for. After a rainy Locke Festival, we were so grateful for clear skies even though the temperature was wonky. But when we were cold, you brought us tea and when it was sunny, you brought us smiles!
We can't wait for next year's Supercrawl, we're already counting down the days until September 12th 2014! (358 if you're keeping track!)
photo: Herbert Fodor


  1. i think heaven would look like this. - yes, a nice home filled with all these items xo

  2. Wow. This makes it look like men need not attend.